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Laleh has been a blogger since January 2007. The blog is a collection of her life experiences.

روزنگار خانم شین

Mrs. Shin has been a blogger since September 2004. She writes about the daily experiences of life.

سه روز پیش

The blog started on December 2010. Marzieh Rasouli is well-known in the Iranian blogosphere and the social media. Although Marzieh is also a journalist whose work is published by independent Iranian newspapers, the blog is dedicated to her personal experiences and musings on life.

راوی به روایت خودش

“The Narrator” has been blogging since March 2011. The narrations on this blog “paraphrase what the blogger has seen,” as he states. This is a personal blog updated at least once a month. The language of the blog is a reminiscent of the Blogestan – the world of Iranian blogs – before the advent of the social media.


Codeine started in September of 2008. The blogger describes his realization that any name that he would pick was already taken and therefore resorting to “Codeine.” This is a personal blog in which the blogger writes about his own experiences in life.