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How To Find Out Who Owns A Franchise

How To Find Out Who Owns A Franchise

As a marketer or salesperson, ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to know who owns a particular franchise business so that you can get in touch with them? 

Well, you’re not alone. 

Knowing the owners of a franchise, and their contact info, can provide potential leads for your marketing or sales efforts. It’s a goldmine of information that can give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Here we’ll dive deep into the world of franchises and explore practical ways to find out who owns a franchise.

1. Contact the Franchisor Directly

One of the most straightforward ways to find out who owns a franchise is to reach out to the franchisor directly. You might be thinking, “Well, that’s obvious!” But you’d be surprised how often this method is overlooked.

You can do this by calling or visiting the franchise company. If you prefer a more indirect approach, sending an email can also work, but your emails may not be replied to. 

When talking with a franchisor, you should be professional and respectful in your communication. You’re not just asking for information, you’re building a relationship that could potentially benefit your business in the future.

2. Look Through SBA Franchise Directory

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Franchise Directory is another excellent resource for finding out who owns a franchise. This directory is a comprehensive list of franchises that meet the SBA’s eligibility criteria for lending programs. It’s like a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in franchises.

To use the directory, simply visit the SBA Franchise Directory and search for the franchise you’re interested in. You’ll find a wealth of information, including the franchise’s name, contact information, and even financial details.

3. Look Up Business Directories and Magazines

Business directories and magazines are also great resources for finding out who owns a franchise. For instance, there’s a book called Franchise Opportunities by the International Franchise Association (IFA). It has information on all the food franchises that are part of the IFA.

Another valuable resource is The Entrepreneur Magazine, which publishes an annual list of franchises. These resources provide a wealth of information about franchises, including ownership details, making them invaluable tools for your research.

3. Google Search

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple Google search. By typing the franchise’s name into the search bar, you can often find a wealth of information. This could include news articles, press releases, or even social media profiles that could lead you to the owner of the franchise.

4. Buy Franchise Owners List

If all else fails, or if you’re looking for a more comprehensive list, you might consider buying a franchise owners list. There are several companies that specialize in providing such lists, complete with contact information.

While this method may require a financial investment, the potential return in terms of leads and business opportunities could be well worth it.


With these 4 ways, hope you can find the owner name and contact info of the franchise you want to know.

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