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4 Tactics to Increase Your Brand Awareness

While brands may offer similar products and services, no two businesses are exactly alike. 

How your company engages with customers, the values it upholds, and the image it cultivates form the core of your identity. 

Consequently, this influences your brand awareness. While choosing the best from different kinds of logos and refining marketing strategies may seem insignificant, in reality, they can be key factors in why customers choose you over others.

Are you launching a new company that people have yet to learn about? Consider your reputation ahead of time. This article provides helpful tips on how to boost branding and awareness. 

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a marketing term that defines how familiar consumers are with your company or product. For example, when people think of premium, minimalist-designed tech gadgets, the first thing that comes to mind is Apple.

You should create awareness around your brand from the very beginning of its establishment. 

According to Harvard Business School, 95% of purchase decisions occur subconsciously. This means consumers are more likely to choose a brand they already trust.

Four Levels of Brand Awareness

American marketing consultant David Aaker identified four levels of brand awareness, such as: 

  1. No awareness. This level is where new businesses typically start. They lack a visual identity and a well-thought-out marketing strategy, which must be built from scratch.
  2. Recognition. Users can already identify your business through visual elements such as color palette, slogan, logo, packaging, etc.
  3. Recall. When consumers think about a specific product or service, your brand comes to mind.
  4. Top of mind. At this level, your company stands out significantly among competitors. A good example is the burger wars between fast-food chains in America. While brands tried to grab attention, McDonald’s remained at the top of consumers’ minds.

What Leads to Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is about creating a strong emotional connection between the brand and consumers. 

For example, your customers might think of you when recalling your contributions to social responsibility or viewing native advertising with a powerful message. 

However, brand awareness increases only when your company transmits consistent messages and visual identity through various channels like social media posts, blog articles, or online media publications.

4 Proven Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

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Many small businesses fall into the trap of focusing solely on increasing sales and neglecting marketing activities. 

While investing in brand awareness is important, there are several cost-effective options to consider, such as content and social media marketing, as well as building referral relationships. 

Here are 4 affordable ways to boost brand awareness:

1. Develop Your Corporate Style

Research shows that 75% of people remember companies by their logo, making it a powerful tool for increasing brand recognition. 

Also, consider other visual elements like colors, patterns, and fonts. Incorporate them across all your marketing channels, from your website to presentation materials.

2. Be More Than Just a Business

Today, running a company goes beyond profit-making. Consumers appreciate brands that contribute to social development. For example, you can get involved in volunteer initiatives and launch eco-friendly programs.

3. Think Omnichannel 

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; this financial rule also works well in marketing. Explore various promotion channels such as websites, contextual advertising, social media, and PR. Experiment with different sources of traffic and analyze results to find the most suitable options for your business.

4. Build a Strong Social Media Presence 

Consumers love engaging with brands online. Moreover, social media brand awareness can be cost-effective. Platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok favor organic content over direct paid advertisements.

What is an Example of a Brand Awareness Strategy?

A good example of a well-executed brand awareness strategy is Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign. 

Developed in partnership with the renowned marketing agency Ogilvy, its goal was to convey that beauty isn’t confined to a singular standard and that each individual possesses unique beauty. 

Through advertising, Dove featured authentic models of various body types, sizes, ethnicities, and ages. The idea of deviating from widely accepted beauty standards became the brand’s philosophy and resonated with many people, allowing the company to boost its recognition.

How Can You Attract New Customers?

As you know, the intention to increase your brand awareness is to attract new customers as well as remain regular customers.

To attract new customers, your business should stay on their radar at all times. You need to have clearly defined corporate values and a mission as they form compelling marketing messages. 

New customers can discover your business through various channels—whether it’s through referrals from friends or by reviewing your products on YouTube channels.


Consumers purchase from companies that establish meaningful connections rather than simply sell products. Investing in brand awareness can attract new clients, enhance customer lifetime value, and differentiate your business from competitors. 

Depending on your financial resources and objectives, you can implement various strategies like developing a memorable logo and organically engaging with new users through informative online media publications.

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